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This page outlines possible future websites that MusicBrainz can use to retrieve cover art.

There are a number of times that cover art isn't available on Amazon, either due to customer-submitted images or to an absence of a release.

Proposed Web Sites

  • When adding a site, please include an example release and a direct link to its cover.
  • Please also place the sites alphabetically.
Site Example release Cover URL Contacted
[[[Image:550338.jpg]] Cover] No
[[[Image:133836.jpg]] Cover] No
Discogs Example Cover No
eMusic Example Cover No
[[[Image:64866M.jpg]] Cover] No
[[[Image:xgn010.jpg]] Cover] No
[[[Image:CS232113-01A-BIG.jpg]] Cover] No Example Cover No
[[[Image:088.jpg]] Cover] No


Each of these sites would have to give express permission for MusicBrainz to link to their cover art. This section should contain a form letter that volunteers could use.


Discussion on MB-Users: