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Current Work Items for MusicBrainz Development

This page lists everything that is currently being worked on in MusicBrainzDevelopment.

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Next Generation Tagger and Lucene

  • 2005-07:

There was a first alpha release around 2004-10 in which Robert was playing with possibilities for adding full-text indexing search capabilities to the PicardTagger using PyLucene.


  • 2005-06:

Guess Case

  • 2005-05:
  • The GuessCase javascript function has been completely re-written. If you encounter any bugs, enter them on GuessCaseBugs


  • 2005-04:
  • The documentation on the main site will be massively restructured using the WikiDocs. There is a first serious WikiDocsConcept. but there remain quite some details to be fleshed out.

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