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=Relationship Attribute "Begin Date" and "End Date"=
#REDIRECT [[Relationships]]
With all relationships you can specify a begin and an end date. These dates state from when to when the information that the relationship gives is true. E.g. if you say that [[Artist:8b99cc6f-93d5-4ccd-93d6-6c8d645997b4|Sonja Kraushofer]] is/was a member of [[Artist:024c3b90-9d09-4c67-902f-fdf49649e4f8|L'âme Immortelle]], then you might want to state from when she joined and when she left.
Specifying dates is completely optional, and leaving the end date blank indicates that a relationship is still active today.
===Used with Types===
This attribute can be applied to all [[Advanced Relationship Type|AdvancedRelationshipType]]<code><nowiki></nowiki></code>s. It might, however, not make sense with all types. In this case just leave it blank.
The use of this attribute is not really clear yet. We still need some proper [[Style Guideline|StyleGuideline]]<code><nowiki></nowiki></code>s for this attribute. See for example the discussion on [[Founding Member Dates Question|FoundingMemberDatesQuestion]].
Technically speaking this is not an [[Advanced Relationship Attribute|AdvancedRelationshipAttribute]], because it cannot be enabled/disabled for specific [[Advanced Relationship Type|AdvancedRelationshipType]]<code><nowiki></nowiki></code>s. However, I think it is ok to treat it as such in the docs (an maybe it should even become one on the long run).
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