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Relationship Attribute "Begin Date" and "End Date"


With all relationships you can specify a begin and an end date. These dates state from when to when the information that the relationship gives is true. E.g. if you say that Sonja Kraushofer is/was a member of L'âme Immortelle, then you might want to state from when she joined and when she left.

Specifying dates is completely optional, and leaving the end date blank indicates that a relationship is still active today.

Used with Types

This attribute can be applied to all AdvancedRelationshipTypes. It might, however, not make sense with all types. In this case just leave it blank.


The use of this attribute is not really clear yet. We still need some proper StyleGuidelines for this attribute. See for example the discussion on FoundingMemberDatesQuestion.

Technically speaking this is not an AdvancedRelationshipAttribute, because it cannot be enabled/disabled for specific AdvancedRelationshipTypes. However, I think it is ok to treat it as such in the docs (an maybe it should even become one on the long run).