don't Swap Names Between Tracks

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If the tracks on an album seem to be in the wrong order, don't just use EditTrackName to change the titles to match the order you believe they should be in. The TRMs for each track are generally tagged based on matching titles, and if you change the names in this way, they will be associated with the wrong tracks.

Instead, you should reorder the tracks using EditTrackNumber.

Also, remember that it is common practise to release several different versions of an album, which should be kept separate in MusicBrainz. Before "fixing" an album, make sure that you're not destroying a valid album listing. If there is a DiscID for the album, that's a strong indication that this track order is valid.

You can then use AddAlbum to ReImportAlbumInstead.

Authors: ZeroGravitas, @alex