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[[Image:Attention.png]] This is a [[Stub]]. Needs more details and possibly screenshots (see [[How Annotations Work|HowAnnotationsWork]]), and some work on creating the [[Edit Type|EditType]]<code><nowiki></nowiki></code>s pages.
=How "labels" work in MusicBrainz?=
Any [[MusicBrainz]] user can edit labels in several ways:
* [[Add Label Edit|AddLabelEdit]] (autoedit)
* [[Edit Label Name Edit|EditLabelNameEdit]]
* [[Edit Label Sortname Edit|EditLabelSortnameEdit]]
* [[Add Label Annotation Edit|AddLabelAnnotationEdit]]
* [[Add Label Alias Edit|AddLabelAliasEdit]]
* [[Edit Label Alias Edit|EditLabelAliasEdit]]
* [[Remove Label Alias Edit|RemoveLabelAliasEdit]]
* [[Merge Labels Edit|MergeLabelsEdit]]
For general information about these edits (and other types of edit), see [[Edit Type|EditType]].
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