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Artists with Icelandic Names or Works with Titles in Icelandic

The following is a partial list of InternationalArtists whose names are Icelandic, or who have works with titles in Icelandic. If you can read and write Icelandic, please consider adding these artists to your ArtistSubscriptions so that you can be notified when there are additions or changes to their discographies, and you can check them for errors. If you know of other Icelandic artists not listed here, please add them.

  • = please add the above title in icelandic = please add the above text in icelandic too

As noted in the list of InterNationalization issues, Icelandic names are generally sorted by first name, since there is no family name, only a patronymic. That means that the ArtistSortNames of Icelandic artists should not be reversed (This is a ProposedStyleGuideline).