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Label Alias is similar in purpose and intent to Artist Alias, which you should read for more insight about how MusicBrainz' searches work, and what are the current features and limitations of aliases (aliases have to be unique for example).

Mainly, you may create one or more Label Alias for one of the following reasons:

  • Mispellings: Blu note for Blue Note
  • Variants: ESP for ESP-Disk
  • Numbers: spell them out, or on the other hand, use numerical representation
  • Stylized names: if some style elements have been retained in the Label Sort Name, you may add an additional alias without the stylization
  • Acronym: some labels are widely known by their acronym, though their correct name is the longer form
  • Misencodings (see Artist Alias)
  • Localization and transliterations: different countries - or even different standards in the same country - may have different transliterations rules
  • Translations: some labels may additionally have an official translated name that doesn't match the transliterated one(s)

Be aware that you mustn't use aliases for label changing names (instead, use two different label entries, and add a Label Rename Relationship Type between them), and certainly not either for subprojects/imprints of a given label.

Editing Trick

To workaround the limitation of aliases having to be unique in the database, you may use aliases containing an extra character after a space (eg: if "somealias" is already, use "somealias .").

Related Fields

There are two other fields in the database that are related to Label Alias.

  • Label Name
  • Label Sort Name determines how a label is sorted alphabetically, and present a version of the name using latin charset, without stylization

Similarly, MusicBrainz also has Artist Name, Artist Sort Name and Artist Alias.