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The libmusicbrainz (also known as mb_client or MusicBrainz Client Library) is a development library geared towards developers who wish to add MusicBrainz lookup capabilities to their applications. If you are looking for a complete, usable program to run, please try out Picard.

libmusicbrainz version 3.x and below have been deprecated since they use the old XML Web Service/Version 1 or RDF based Web Service. All new development should happen with the new XML Web Service/Version 2 or using libmusicbrainz version 4 or greater.

The libmusicbrainz is officially supported in 32 bit Windows (95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP), Linux and Mac OS X, with packages released for the RedHat and debian distributions. For more details on how to use this library, please take a look at the ClientHOWTO.


As of version 4.x, the client library uses the XML Web Service/Version 2. It is not backward compatible with previous versions. There is a new API involved.

Version 4.x

download.gif libmusicbrainz-4.0.0beta1.tar.gz (121 KB)
(MD5: 7dffa8fa08e4c0bc8119b8f48a15da41)

Version 3.x

Attention.png This version of the client library uses the old XML Web Service/Version 1 and should not be used in new development.
download.gif libmusicbrainz-3.0.3.tar.gz (104 KB)
(MD5: f4824d0a75bdeeef1e45cc88de7bb58a)

Version 2.x

Attention.png This version of the client library uses the old RDF web service and should not be used in new development.
download.gif libmusicbrainz-2.1.5.tar.gz (512 KB)
(MD5: d5e19bb77edd6ea798ce206bd05ccc5f)

Language Bindings

Other releases are available on the MusicBrainz FTP Server.


The libmusicbrainz is licensed under the LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License).

Get Source Code

The source code of libmusicbrainz is available using anonymous Subversion access. Read the Subversion document for instructions on how to use Subversion and checkout the libmusicbrainz source code. Alternatively, you can browse the libmusicbrainz Subversion repository directly using the source browser.

svn checkout libmusicbrainz