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A Release annotation is user contributed text attached to a specific release entry.

{i} You may consult either the Annotation or Release page for general informations about them.

Release annotation content

Idea.png A release annotation may hold any information about a release that does not fit into the fields of the database, or which is not allowed to be in the ReleaseTitle or TrackTitles according to the OfficialStyleGuidelines. The following uses are suggested:

  • Trivia: sells, awards...
  • Historical facts related to the conditions or recording and/or production of the release
  • Disambiguation: notes that help differentiate this release from another (possibly identically named different release, or different edition), indications about bonus tracks...
  • Miscellaneous editing warnings or informations: notes specifically warning users about some uncommon aspect of the release, that shouldn't be changed (capitalization, spelling, ...)
  • Additional comment about the state of the informations: things to fix, to research
  • Alternate release title or other edition indications
  • Data that can't fit in the fields of the database, but should, due to a current technical limitation
  • This list is not exhaustive: you may use a release annotation for pretty much anything you can think of - as long as it matches the purpose of Annotations, and relates to the release entry to which it's attached.

{X} You mustn't add copyrighted content copied from other resources, be they online or printed. More generally, you really shouldn't copy/paste any kind of content, unless it's purely factual.

Release annotation style

For translated/transliterated releases, the following wording is suggested:

  • For the original release use:
  • "Please do not change the capitalization of this release, it is exactly the way it should be as this is a japanese release, for the transliterated [resp. translated] version go here [link]. These releases must not be merged."
  • For the transliterated/translated version:
  • "This is a transliterated [resp. translated] version of [link to original]. These releases must not be merged."


Authors: Mo, CarstenKlapp