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#REDIRECT [[Style/Titles#Exceptions_and_corner_cases]]
This page lists [[Style Guideline]]s which apply to a specific [[Series|series]] of releases only. These are not general [[Official Style Guideline]]s and should not be applied to anything else other than the specific series' listed below.
These guidelines should be considered "weak", and documentation of current practice rather than exhaustive rules to live by.
==Official Series-Guidelines==
The following Series-Guidelines have been officially approved by the [[Style Council|StyleCouncil]]:
; [[OC ReMix Series Style]]
: Applies to [http://www.ocremix.org/ OverClocked ReMix] tracks.
: Title: '''GameName 'Title' OC ReMix'''
: Example: "Final Fantasy 6 'Little Painter Girl' OC ReMix"
; [[Promo Only Series Style]]
: Applies to [http://www.promoonly.com/ Promo Only] releases.
: '''Promo Only: ''SeriesName'', ''Month FullYear'''''
: Example: "Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio, October 2006"
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