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#REDIRECT [[MusicBrainz Identifier]]
Each [[Track]] in [[MusicBrainz]] has a unique TrackID, which is an absolute [http://ietf.org/rfc/rfc3986.txt URI]. It has the form <code><nowiki>http://musicbrainz.org/track/UUID</nowiki></code>, where <code><nowiki>UUID</nowiki></code> is a [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UUID Universally Unique Identifier] in its 36 character ASCII representation. In situations where the context is clear (such as file tags), just the <code><nowiki>UUID</nowiki></code> part can be used, leaving a ''relative URI''.
The TrackID <code><nowiki>http://musicbrainz.org/track/2c2548c1-276a-44e1-a2ea-84b4abe31be9</nowiki></code> is a unique identifier for the track [[Track:2c2548c1-276a-44e1-a2ea-84b4abe31be9|One More Cup of Coffee (Valley Below)]]. <code><nowiki>2c2548c1-276a-44e1-a2ea-84b4abe31be9</nowiki></code> is a relative URI for this track.
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