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musicbrainz-sharp is a client library for the CLI (a.k.a. .NET and Mono). It is a fully managed, public domain library for accessing MusicBrainz via the XMLWebService. It is written in C#, requiring access to only the System and System.Xml core libraries. The library hides the XML transactions and encapsulates the data in an object-oriented API.

Sample Code

// This prints the names and IDs of all artists who match the given query
foreach(Artist a in Artist.Query("Me First"))
   Console.WriteLine("{0} - ({1})", a.Name, a.Id);

// This prints all releases by Goodshirt
Artist goodshirt = Artist.Get("ff05359c-09ae-4113-9da2-c3dc32eebb0f");
foreach(Release r in goodshirt.Releases)

// This prints info about the disc in the CDRom tray
Release r = Release.QueryFromDevice("/dev/cdrom/");
Console.WriteLine("{0} by {1}", r.Title, r.Artist.Name);
foreach(Track t in r.Tracks)
    Console.WriteLine("\t{0}", t.Title); 


musicbrainz-sharp is placed into the Public Domain.

Get Source Code

The source code of musicbrainz-sharp is available using anonymous Subversion access. Read the Subversion document for instructions on how to use Subversion and checkout the musicbrainz-sharp source code. Alternatively, you can browse the musicbrainz-sharp Subversion repository directly using the source browser.

    svn checkout musicbrainz-sharp