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Based on a guide on with 13 steps at the time and a further expansion at with 24 steps a new guide is put on this wiki so that further work can be made here. Whenever you want to change the guide, just make a direct edit in the guide or add a comment in the main thread on metabrainz or just add a comment on the wiki discussion page.

The transition of the other guides into this wiki takes some time. So far I've transferred 13 steps. This is a work in progress.

  • Go to
  • Enter the title of the release. Take this release "I Don’t Like Crowds" as an example. I Don’t Like Crowds is in bold on that webpage. Put that in the “Title:” field in MusicBrainz.
  • The release group field should have been automatically filled in with exactly the same title as in the “Title:” field.
  • Set “Primary Type:” to “Album
  • Set the “Secondary Type” to “Compilation” (Thanks for the feedback aerozol. I still accept feedback and everybody is welcome to give any)
  • Set the “Status:” field to “Official”.
  • Set the Language and Script fields with the help from this page on how to add a release
  • Date: Using the same example from earlier “I Don’t Like Crowds” you see the date values that songfight dot org publishes them in: “11/22/17 - 11/30/17”(11/30/17 put in bold to highlight the date that should be added to the Date field). Their format is MM/DD/YY(Month, Day, Year). Put the date in the 3 date fields like this: “Date: 2017, 11 and 30”. (ok, I decided to add the later date after I received feedback from aerozol(thx!) 2017-11-30. If anybody has more feedback it is welcome!)
  • Set “Country:” field to “[Worldwide]”
  • In the “Label:” field add “Song Fight!” and when the “Song Fight!” text comes up among many other label suggestions click on “Song Fight!”. Then it says “You selected Song Fight!.” If it links to you selected the right label.
  • Set the “Cat. No:” field to “[none]
  • You click on “This release does not have a barcode
  • The “Packaging:” field you set to “None
  • In the “Annotation:” field, thanks to feedback with an actual edit by aerozol, you add(in this example taken from the example release “I Don’t Like Crowds”)
11/22/17 - 11/30/17

winner: Jeff Travis Henderson

total votes: 44


Jeff Travis Henderson may not like crowds but the crowd of voters like him!

You will find this information on the release archive page once the release has been archived on their site.

1. I Don't Like Crowds - James Moate (formerly Dejected Motives) (2:52)
2. I Don't Like Crowds - James Owens (1:48)
3. I Don't Like Crowds - Jeff Travis Henderson (3:00)
4. I Don't Like Crowds - shrts (0:28)
5. I Don't Like Crowds - Soundsword (3:10)
6. I Don't Like Crowds - Starfinger (3:26)
7. I Don't Like Crowds - Step Aside (4:03)
8. I Don't Like Crowds - Vom Vorton (2:16)
9. I Don't Like Crowds - WreckdoM (2:40)
10. I Don't Like Crowds - zczero (2:17)

This will be parsed with correct inputs of release name(I Don't Like Crowds), artist names(ie. James Moate, James Owens, Jeff Travis Henderson etc.), and song length (ie. 2:52, 1:48, 3:00 etc.)

  • Click on "Add Medium"
  • Click on the right of "Format" and select "Digital Media"
  • This section is about adding each artist which I haven't gotten around to yet documenting.

This is a work in progress. This is still an unfinished version…the guide is still missing information, but given time we are going to fix this...