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Forms for creating new MusicBrainz entities can be “seeded” with values supplied via POST-ed multipart/form-data body parameters (for the Add Release page) or URL query parameters (for most other pages). Third-party tools that use seeding to make it easier to import data into MusicBrainz are listed at External Resources.

Add Artist

You can seed a new artist with a GET request. See the artist editor seeding documentation for details.

Add Release

You can seed a new release with a POST request. See the release editor seeding documentation for details.

Other pages (Add Label, Add Standalone Recording, etc.)

Most non-release forms can be seeded via URL query parameters sent via GET requests.

In almost all cases, a form input can be seeded by passing a parameter corresponding to input's name attribute. For example, the Add Artist page's “Name” field is defined in the page source as <input ... name="" ...>, and a URL like will initialize the field to the text “My Name”.

To set a checkbox input, pass the value 1.

The following pages support seeding:

Add Event

Add Label

Add Standalone Recording

Add Work