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The whole purpose of Folksonomy tagging is that there is no standard. However, there are benefits to using the same tags as others. This page will list out many commonly used non-genre tags and explain them. That said, feel free to come up with your own tags or even ignore this list.


There's likely far too many mood tags to list here, and there are plans to codify these similar to Genres. Currently the MeB is at the step of defining the moods to be codified - your input is welcome on ticket LB-1059.

Song types (table draft)

MusicBrainz Tag Description Reference
list song A song built around a list. Wikipedia
villain song A song sung by a villain in the story, typical in musical theater and Disney movies.
i want song Musical theater trope song about the main character’s dissatisfaction with their current life and their desires for the future. Wikipedia
dance song A song closely associated with a dance craze or similar. Wikipedia

Song types

Tags relating to names and titles

Tags relating to cover art

* on cover

The * on cover tag line is for tagging things which appear on the cover of an album or perhaps also event posters. There's over 400 of these tags, but partial list of some examples includes:


Can possibly be used in other cases, but these are used to denote a character that appears on the cover art of a release. I believe this standard comes from the Touhou community.

  • (partial list coming soon)

X as Y tags

These are mostly used by editors to note oddities in the database scheme, like for series or labels entered as artists (series title as artist and label as artist respectively) or for atypical types of entities, like software as artist.

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