Google Code-in/Commonly used abbreviations

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Well when you are using the IRC, you might be wondering what a lot of abbreviations mean that the people keep using there. So you have a cheat sheet here:

Abbreviation Meaning Link
GCI Google Code In
GSoC Google Summer of Code
IA Internet Archive
WD WikiData
WP:BB Wikipedia's "Be Bold" mantra
RG Release Group
AR Advanced Relationships
RE Release Editor
RE Relationship Editor
PM Personal Message
PR Pull Request

MetaBrainz Projects:

Word Meaning Link
AB AcousticBrainz
BB BookBrainz
CAA Cover Art Archive
CB CritiqueBrainz
LB ListenBrainz
MsB MessyBrainz
MeB MetaBrainz
MB MusicBrainz

Other important words and what they mean:

Word Meaning Link
jira MusicBrainz Bug Tracker