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Documentation Release: 1.0

Preliminary draft. Be sure to read DocumentationRelease and possibly that other blob


All depth-1 links from the navs for topics:

          • ?
  • ARs?
  • howtos?

Content objectives

  • spelling
  • up to date
  • no outstanding issues
  • topic cards
  • documentation cards
  • transclusion for part of the content (prob at least all)

Only partly in this release

  • examples for all docs
  • all ARs for the given categories
  • no CamelCase links for transcluded material in these categories
  • screenshots for "how that works" pages?

Probably for the next release

  • completely rehaul (and finish up) EditTypes documentation pages, and intertwingle them good from all relevant points (eg: Terminology like ArtistType etc)


Gone through the easy parts (Label, Annotation).

  • still need to come back on label ARs to move the crumbing to ARs instead (also possibly check the howto, and assess if an howto crumbing makes any sense).
  • need to go through all ARs in depth for Labels to add AR crumbing and check again the categorization
  • need to add the documentation header to all labels pages (and snip out the wiki nav stuff from the LabelHeader)


  • starts to look better. Need to have the issues solved by the style-gang about Perf/Alias and birth dates/perf-legal
  • need to transclude a good part of it (should be ACLed-ready)


  • check if transclusion of cards is done once or many times

Plans about doc crumbing:

  • dmppanda/tests (needs approval from headquarters for the use of a third party GPL icon set)


  • yet untouched