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Status: This page describes an active style guideline proposal and is not official.

Proposal number: RFC-290
Champion: BrianFreud
Current status: RFC

Note: This guideline applies to the titling of a bootleg release. For titling a live track, reference Live Track Style.


The following rules apply when titling a live bootleg release:

  1. Live bootlegs without a title must be named by concatenating its date and location information.
    • Syntax: "YYYY-MM-DD: Location".
  2. Live bootlegs with a title may be extended with date and location information. If there is alternative dividing punctuation mark at the end of the title such as the question mark (?) or exclamation point (!), use that mark instead of the colon.
    • Syntax: "[YYYY-MM-DD: ]Title[: Location]".
  3. The location must be formatted using the city and country, and may optionally include an event or venue. Including the state is optional for most countries, but is mandatory for Australia, Canada, and the United States of America.
  • Syntax: "[Event, ][Venue, ]City, [State, ]Country"


  1. The parts in square brackets are optional.
  2. YYYY-MM-DD is the date of the recording including the year (YYYY), month (MM) and day of month (DD).
  3. Venue is the name of the location where the concert took place (name of the hotel, stadium, hall, etc.).
  4. City can be the city, town or village.
  5. State is to further distinguish cities with identical names (such as Pasadena, TX vs Pasadena, CA).
    1. "State" should be interpreted to mean whatever is the appropriate term for the specific location, e.g. 'state', 'territory', 'province', etc. which indicates the largest official geopolitical subdivision just below the country used in the location.
    2. States in the United States of America, Canada, and Australia should be abbreviated. A reference list of these abbreviations can be found at the bottom of this page.
  6. Country is the country.
    1. The United Kingdom should be abbreviated to "UK".
    2. The United States of America should be abbreviated to "USA".
    3. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics should be abbreviated to "USSR".
    4. The Netherlands should be named only as "Netherlands".

Additional Notes

This guideline must not be used for live bootleg compilations, which are releases that collect tracks from different live sessions, e.g. A Highway of Diamonds, Volume 1: The Never Ending Tour

This guideline can be applied to releases which feature a complete live session and additional bonus tracks (those can be live tracks from other concerts or studio recordings), e.g. 2002-05-02: Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands (disc 2)


In a lot of cases the most important information for live bootlegs is the date when the concert took place. Hiding this information for bootlegs where the person who compiled the release added a title means that it is harder to find a special recording of a live session, because live bootlegs often don't have a release date.

Adding the venue is useful for finding all concerts an artist performed in one city over the years or all concerts that took place in a special location by using the search interface. Besides that this kind of information would be lost or nearly lost when it was added to the annotation.

On the other hand, there are bootleg releases of special concerts that have a well known title. In those cases its normally appropriate to list them under their title only.


Live bootlegs without a title

2002-05-02: Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands (disc 1)

Live bootlegs with a well-known title

Gaslight Tapes
(may be replaced with a better one, as this is quasi-legitimate).
Elvis Has Just Left the Building
(A collection of live Elvis covers by Led Zeppelin spanning multiple dates. Should not be extended.)
1980-07-07: Eternal Magic: Eissporthalle, Berlin, Germany
A complete show, or at least all tracks from the same show, released under multiple titles [Eternal Magic, Heineken] can be extended with date/venue information, using the first or most common "title" of the bootleg.
1980-12-21: Before the Exile! Rainbow Theatre, London, UK
This shows how punctuation marks replace the colon.
1993-02-12 to 1993-02-26: Pachyderm Studios, Cannon Falls, MN, USA
A studio session bootleg spanning several consecutive dates.

History of this Guideline

This guideline was first proposed in January of 2006. On March 3, 2010, proposal RFC-22 passed, and this guideline replaced Untitled Bootleg Style.


State Abbreviations

Australia[1] Canada[2] USA[3][4]
Australian Capital Territory ACT
New South Wales NSW
Northern Territory NT
Queensland QLD
South Australia SA
Tasmania TAS
Victoria VIC
Western Australia WA
Alberta AB
British Columbia BC
Manitoba MB
New Brunswick NB
Newfoundland (before 1992) NL
Newfoundland (after 1992) NF
Northwest Territories NT
Nova Scotia NS
Nunavut NU
Ontario ON
Prince Edward Island PE
Quebec (before 1992) PQ
Quebec (after 1992) QC
Saskatchewan SK
Yukon Territory YT
Alabama AL Montana MT
Alaska AK Nebraska NE
American Samoa AS Nevada NV
Arizona AZ New Hampshire NH
Arkansas AR New Jersey NJ
California CA New Mexico NM
Colorado CO New York NY
Connecticut CT North Carolina NC
Delaware DE North Dakota ND
District of Columbia DC Northern Mariana Islands MP
Federated States of Micronesia FM Ohio OH
Florida FL Oklahoma OK
Georgia GA Oregon OR
Guam GU Palau PW
Hawaii HI Pennsylvania PA
Idaho ID Puerto Rico PR
Illinois IL Rhode Island RI
Indiana IN South Carolina SC
Iowa IA South Dakota SD
Kansas KS Tennessee TN
Kentucky KY Texas TX
Louisiana LA Utah UT
Maine ME Vermont VT
Marshall Islands MH Virginia VA
Maryland MD Virgin Islands VI
Massachusetts MA Washington WA
Michigan MI West Virginia WV
Minnesota MN Wisconsin WI
Mississippi MS Wyoming WY
Missouri MO
  1. Christmas Island and other locations not included in this table should not be abbreviated.
  2. Sourced from Canada Post: Table 5: Canadian Provinces and Territories Names and Abbreviations.
  3. Sourced from United States Postal Service: Official USPS Abbreviations.
  4. Baker Island, Howland Island, Jarvis Island, Johnston Atoll, Kingman Reef, Midway Islands, Navassa Island, Palmyra Atoll, and Wake Island should not be abbreviated. They would each abbreviate to "UM", which is not useful.