History:News Coverage Relationship Type Proposal

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Status: This page describes an active advanced relationship proposal and is not official.

Proposal number: RFC-68
Champion: abandoned
Current status: RFC


Trac ticket # 5636


This describes a URL where news coverage for the artist or release can be found.

Link Phrases


  • start date
There is no guideline yet for how the begin date fields might be used.
  • end date
There is no guideline yet for how the end date fields might be used.
  • description
This is a manditory attribute. This stores the publication date and headline for the news coverage. This must be entered in the format "YYYY-MM-DD: Headline".


  • Any site on the net can be linked. If it can be considered a reputable news reporting site - newspaper sites (e.g. The Beatles at the Guardian), magazines (e.g. U2 at Rolling Stone), or even a blog (specific to news) (e.g. Music Junkies at Trailer Music News) - it can be linked with this relationship.
  • Tabloid and 'rumor mill' sites are not considered reputable.
  • To be a good target for this relationship type, the news coverage being linked should be sufficiently comprehensive that it has its own headline. The entity being linked should be prominently, if not solely, featured within the article.
  • For news coverage which is from a distribution source, such as the Associated Press, links to an identical story which are closer to the source are preferred; a link to the original AP story would be preferred over the identical story at The Washington Post, and a link to the story at The Washington Post would be preferred over a link to the identical story in a local, small-circulation newspaper.
  • When the above is not applicable, if a news story has already been linked at one source, there is no need to link to the same general news coverage at a second source.
  • Permanent URLs, when available, are much preferred.
  • General purpose sites, general purpose blogs, and fan sites properly belong under various other relationship types.