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Release attributes define the ReleaseType and the ReleaseStatus of an audio release and provide information about the contents of the release. They are also used to generally categorize releases.

Release attributes should apply to most of the tracks on the release. It's OK to have a couple of tracks that do not fit the release attribute, as long as the attribute applies to the release overall.

This page lists just a brief summary of release attributes. Further detail can be found on ReleaseType and ReleaseStatus.

Release Types

  • Album - An album, perhaps better defined as a "Long Play" (LP) release, generally consists of previously unreleased material. This includes release re-issues, with or without bonus tracks.
  • Single - A single typically has one main song and possibly a handful of additional tracks or remixes of the main track. A single is usually named after its main song. A single has different definitions in different markets, so if you are unsure please check the ReleaseAttributes page.
  • EP - An EP is a so-called "Extended Play" release and often contains the letters EP in the title.
  • Compilation - A compilation is a collection of previously released tracks by one or more artists. Please note that this is a simplified description of a compilation. If you are unsure, please refer to the full description on the ReleaseTypes page.
  • Soundtrack - A soundtrack is the musical score to a movie, TV series, stage show, computer game etc.
  • Spokenword - Non-music spoken word releases.
  • Interview - An interview release contains an interview, generally with an Artist.
  • Audiobook - An audiobook is a book read by a narrator without music.
  • Live - A release that was recorded live.
  • Remix - A release that primarily contains remixed material.
  • Other - Any release that does not fit or can't decisively be placed in any of the categories above.

Release Status

  • Official - Any release officially sanctioned by the artist and/or their record company. (Most releases will fit into this category.)
  • Promotion - A giveaway release or a release intended to promote an upcoming official release. (e.g. prerelease albums or releases included with a magazine, versions supplied to radio DJs for air-play, etc).
  • Bootleg - An unofficial/underground release that was not sanctioned by the artist and/or the record company.
  • Pseudo-Release - A pseudo-release is a duplicate release for translation/transliteration purposes that does not appear on an actual release as described on TranslationTransliterationRelationshipType.