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Subject: These are the steps to solve the major problem of StyleGuideline 5 (FeaturingArtistStyle) which has been implemented in the 2006-01-08 Server Update. We are not completly GettingRidOfFeaturingArtistStyle. In the medium term it can be made more acceptable via interface changes like the ArtistPageRedesign. A more detailed solution should come along with the NextGenerationSchema in the long term.

The changes are as follows:

  1. Allow releases with various TrackArtists but which are attributed to one artist to be moved to this ReleaseArtist.
  2. Change the text of the FeaturingArtistStyle to state: "If two or more equally primary artists perform on a track, create a collaboration artist for them and attach the track to it. This has been done. See the HistoryOfFeaturingArtistStyle for the old guideline.

Note, that the use of "feat." is still valid for guest performing artists.


  • Queen and David Bowie are main artists of the track Under Pressure on the Queen release Hot Space. The changes that need to be done to reflect this situation while keeping the ReleaseArtist Queen are as follows: # Click on Show artists # Click on (Change) for the track artist of Under Pressure. # Change the track artist to "Queen & David Bowie"

Release Examples

  • The release The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring is nearly completly by Howard Shore except the last track which is by Enya. You could move the release to Howard Shore. This would have the following consequences:
    • The release appears in the discography of Howard Shore (in one of the main sections).
    • The release appears in one of the VA sections of Enya.
    • When looking at the release you see Howard Shore above it and the correct artist listed for every track.
  • The double release The K&D Sessions is added again and again to the artist Kruder & Dorfmeister because they remixed it and so it is attributed to them. You could move it to this artist and it would appear under their releases - but the remixed tracks still show the original artists.

Code changes

The implemented changes (released on 2006-01-08):

Artist page shows releases with
ReleaseArtist == current artist or one or more tracks with TrackArtist == current artist (only shown, if 1 didn't match)
Release page
Track artists are shown when at leat one track artist is different than the release artist. VariousArtistsReleases and MultipleArtistsReleases have a Move link which allows moving them to a different release artist. SingleArtistReleases have a new Show Artists link that reveals the track artists in the display and allows changing them. (Changing one or more artists automatically "transforms" the release into a VariousArtists release. Convert to multiple artists asks for changes to the release as well as the track artists.
Tagger and Libraries
TunePimp was changed to reflect the changes shown above. PicardTagger was changed to reflect the server code changes. Further, 2 new naming variables %albumartist and %albumartistsortname were added.