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Changelog for the 2007-10-14 Server Release

List of new features and bug-fixes in the 2007-10-14 server release.

New Folksonomy "Tagging" Feature

This release will include support for FolksonomyTagging for artists, labels, releases and tracks. Each of these entities now has a "Tag" link associated where the user can enter their own tags for an entity and each entity will then have a tag cloud that lets users view the tags most applied to a given entity. Given that applying these tags is highly subjective, these tag additions will not be subject to peer review via the edit voting system. Each person applies tags to entities (others can't see which tags a specific user has applied) and the system then aggregates all the tags for a collective view of all the tags applied to an entity. For instance, see the tags applied to artist Portishead.

Right now the UI still needs some refinements and we're keen to get your input on it:

  • Is the tagging feature too buried? Right now you need to click on the "Tags" link before you see the tags for an artist and can tag the artist yourself.
  • How does the tag display feature look? Any feedback there?

Tags are comma separated and only alphanumeric (word) characters, '-' and <space> are allowed for making tags. You can apply as many tags as you want in one operation on the web site.

The XMLWebService API has been extended to support tag submission. To apply tags for a given entity, do an HTTP POST to a URL formatted like this:

This will apply the tags 'waga', 'poly' and 'klepto' to artist Portishead and overwrite any tags you may have applied previously. This will require an HTTP authorization with your editor name and password. This can be done via the command line and the wget program like so:

  • wget --user=<editor name> --password=<password> --post-data=id=8f6bd1e4-fbe1-4f50-aa9b-94c450ec0f11\&entity=artist\&type=xml\&tags=foo,bar,baz http://test.musicbrainz.org/ws/1/tag

This is MusicBrainz' first foray into subjective metadata and its bound to ruffle some (more) feathers in the community. At this point in time this new tagging feature is a test project. If it turns out that this test fails for some reason and we can't fix it, we will remove this feature at a later point in time.

If you have feedback for this new feature, please enter a bug report or enhancement request in our bug tracker.

New Features

  • Allow subscribing to editors.
  • Allow editing of AR end-points (i.e. moving AR from one entity to another).
  • New page for artist to track and release relationships: the link is titled "Appears on" on artist page.
  • Add ARs to multiple tracks on a release (#2292)
  • PUID reports. (#1917)
  • PureVolume url AR type detection. (#2724)
  • Custom release sorting on the label page.
  • "Cover art" url AR type detection.
  • After creating an AR, redirect to the 'current' entity, instead of the first one. (#2722)
  • Automatically remove spaces and hyphens from barcodes. (#2635)
  • Improve conditions.html overview. (#2715)
  • Guess Case: Convert "blank" to "[silence]". (#2103)
  • Guess Case: Convert "Ver." to "version". (#2001)
  • JavaScript version of "Change Direction" for EditRelationshipEdit. (#2837)
  • Make non-WikiDocsPages look like normal WikiDocsPages. (#1962)
  • Edit note pop-up and text field are too small. (#2441)
  • Wiki Transclusion Table is now viewable by non-TransclusionEditors. (#2988)
  • JavaScript versions of 'Show full lists'/'Show reduced lists' buttons on edit language/script page.
  • A comment field for cancelling edits. (#2737)
  • Don't compact ARs on the track page. (#2799)
  • Automatically change format of Discogs URLs. (#2938)
  • Display of pending edits on DiscIDs on release details page. (#2823)
  • Allow edit notes to identify WikiDocsPage links using the following syntax: "[SomeWikiDocPage]" or "doc:SomeWikiDocPage". See EditNoteSyntax. (#3014)
  • Paginated subscriptions. (#2428)
  • "Keep Editing" action now remembers edit notes. (#3020)
  • complete list of fixed enhancements

Fixed Bugs

  • Don't double HTML-encode values in hidden inputs. (#2726)
  • Removed broken links to (non-existant) TRM reports.
  • Add release preview page shouldn't display data quality. (#2654)
  • Duplicate error message for inc parameter. (#2692)
  • Guess Case: Fixed hanlding of 'pres' and 'presents' in artist names. (#2215)
  • Guess Case: "orchestral" ExtraTitleInformation shouldn't be capitalized. (#2759)
  • Guess Case: Don't convert '3 In' (with a space) to '3"'. (#2191)
  • Guess Case: Expand Volume (Vol.) and Part (Pt.) numbers with subtitles. (#2805)
  • Wrong wording in private message copy (when using the option "Send me a copy to my e-mail address"). (#2826)
  • Annotation history: show edits link broken. (#2835)
  • Tagger links on artist view are malformed. (#2819)
  • HTML error on front page. (#2796)
  • Country of label isnt retained when editing label. (#2794)
  • Broken link to annotation history on the release page. (#2832)
  • Check for label ARs in the artist cleanup script. (#2814)
  • Error in handling track length edits. (#2887)
  • Display TransclusionEditor privilege on editor profile. (#3000)
  • Drop of some products pages already migrated to WikiDocs. (#2928)
  • Prevent cat # from wrapping in label view. (#2725)
  • Fixed the 'Back to form' button while selecting a label. (#2736)
  • Fixed counts of hidden ARs. (#2035, #1464)
  • Display rounded track durations.
  • complete list of fixed bugs

Search Changes

Web Service Changes

  • See Tagging description

Schema Changes

For the exact details on how the schema is going to change for this release, please examine these files:

These files will be combined into one update script before we start the server release process.


This update file creates the necessary tables for the FolksonomyTagging feature. It also creates an optional vertical database where the raw data for the tags can live on a separate database server. This update file only creates new tables, it does not change existing tables.


This update file creates new tables for the editor subscription feature. It does not change existing tables.


This file adds one column to the cdtoc table for a possible future feature, but this new column is currently unused.

(Lukas, please describe the rest of the changes in this file)


This file fixes PUID counts in the albummeta table and changes the type of the PrevValue in the moderation_open and moderation_closed tables from VARCHAR(255) to TEXT.

Detailed bug list

For a complete history of the bugs fixed for this release:

For a more detailed (but incomplete) Changelog: