History:Tonmeister Relationship Type

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This links an entity to the Tonmeister who engineered an entity.

Link Phrases


  • start date
This indicates the date the engineer first worked on engineering the recording.
  • end date
This indicates the date the engineer last worked on engineering the recording.
  • additional
This indicates a minor or subsidiary role.
  • instrument
This specifies the instrument(s) which the artist engineered.
  • vocal
This specifies the vocal(s) which the artist engineered.
  • co
This indicates that the person collaborated in their engineering duties, with another engineer or with the performing artist, either of whom should then also be given a co-engineer credit.
  • executive
There are no guidelines yet for how this attribute should be used.


While similiar in role to Engineer Relationship Type and Balance Engineer Relationship Type, this relationship type should only be used if the engineering credit specifies a tonmeister role. 'Tonmeister' is a professional accreditation and title, the equivalent of a masters degree in music engineering.