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Artists with Japanese Names or Works with Titles in Japanese

The following is a partial list of InternationalArtists whose names are Japanese, or who have works with titles in Japanese. If you can read and write Japanese, please consider adding these artists to your ArtistSubscriptions so that you can be notified when there are additions or changes to their discographies, and you can check them for errors. If you know of other Japanese artists not listed here, please add them.

  • = please add the above title in japanese = please add the above text in japanese too

あ行 (A row)

か行 (KA row)

さ行 (SA row)

た行 (TA row)

な行 (NA row)

は行 (HA row)

ま行 (MA row)

や行 (YA row)

ら行 (RA row)

わ行 (WA row)

need to sort still

  • catchers of mad wreck - think, but am not certain they're Japanese. Album I have is a non-vocal trip hop one, only real entry for it I've found online is a chinese one that lists electronic albums from various countries and says this album wasn't released by a label so it's probably a white label release of some sort - DJKC

Wikipedia list of Japanese musical groups Much more extensive Japanese Wikipedia list of musical groups (includes some non-Japanese groups)


Notes on Japanese sorting: Japanese is organized into rows for the alphabet. Order is a, i, u, e, o for vowels. (Hepburn romanization used for all of the English)

あ行 (A row) is: あA いI うU えE おO

か行 (KA row) is: かKA がGA きKI ぎGI くKU ぐGU けKE げGE こKO ごGO

さ行 (SA row) is: さSA ざZA しSHI じJI すSU ずZU せSE ぜZE そSO ぞ ZO

た行 (TA row) is: たTA だDA ちCHI ぢJI つTSU づZU てTE でDE とTO どDO

な行 (NA row) is: なNA にNI ぬNU ねNE のNO

は行 (HA row) is: はHA ばBA ぱPA ひHI びBI ぴPI ふFU ぶBU ぷPU へHE べBE ぺPE ほHO ぼBO ぽPO

ま行 (MA row) is: まMA みMI むMU めME もMO

や行 (YA row) is: やYA ゆYU よYO

ら行 (RA row) is: らRA りRI るRU れRE ろRO (and by extension because of japanese phonetics: LA LI LU LE LO)

わ行 (WA row) is: わWA をWO んN

Sorting is done by the reading of the name in hiragana. For example that is highly different from English sorting, the band 175R is pronounced Inago Rider so the sort name is いなごらいだー and it goes under I in the A row. For an example of one that does sort similar to how it would in English, the artist AI is also pronounced Ai so her sort name is あい and it goes under A in the A row. Similarily the band dorlis is pronounced Doorisu so their sort name is どーりす and it goes under DO in the TA row.

If you don't know the reading of a Japanese group/artist name then try searching Listen.jp for the artist name. If it's on there, and most Japanese artists should be, on the artist page it gives hiragana and katakana readings of the name. If you can't read Japanese at all or figure out the sort then just add the artist under the "need to sort still" heading.