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600 series (7 45 rpm)

MV 45-601 Sam Taylor The Bad and the Beautiful c/w (?)

Moodsville series (12 LP)

MVLP 1 The Red Garland Trio + Eddie 'Lockjaw' Davis
MVLP 2 V.A. Modern Moods
MVLP 3 Red Garland Red Alone
MVLP 4 Eddie 'Lockjaw' Davis with Shirley Scott
MVLP 5 The Shirley Scott Trio
MVLP 6 The Red Garland Trio
MVLP 7 At Ease with Coleman Hawkins
MVLP 8 The Frank Wess Quartet
MVLP 9 The Tommy Flanagan Trio
MVLP 10 Red Garland Alone with the Blues
MVLP 11 Lem Winchester with Feeling
MVLP 12 Al Casey Quartet
MVLP 13 Oliver Nelson/Lem Winchester Nocturne
MVLP 14 Arnett Cobb Ballads by Cobb
MVLP 15 Coleman Hawkins The Hawk Relaxes
MVLP 16 Billy Taylor Interlude
MVLP 17 Willis Jackson In My Solitude
MVLP 18 Gene Ammons Nice an' Cool
MVLP 19 Shirley Scott Like Cozy
MVLP 20 Clark Terry Everything's Mellow
MVLP 21 Taft Jordan Plays Duke Ellington Mood Indigo!!!
MVLP 22 Yusef Lateef Eastern Sounds
MVLP 23 Coleman Hawkins Good Old Broadway
MVLP 24 Sam Taylor The Bad and the Beautiful
MVLP 25 Coleman Hawkins The Jazz Version of No Strings
MVLP 26 Clark Terry Plays the Jazz Version of All American
MVLP 27 Solid Trumpet of Cootie Williams
MVLP 28 Soulful Moods of Gene Ammons
MVLP 29 Kenny Burrell with Coleman Hawkins Bluesy Burrell
MVLP 30 Eddie 'Lockjaw' Davis/Shirley Scott Misty
MVLP 31 Coleman Hawkins Plays Make Someone Happy from Do Re Mi
MVLP 32 Miles Davis and John Coltrane Play Richard Rodgers
MVLP 33 V.A. Music of George Gershwin Played by America's Greatest Jazzmen
MVLP 34 V.A. Music of Cole Porter Played by America's Greatest Jazzmen
MVLP 35 V.A. Music of Richard Rodgers Played by America's Greatest Jazzmen
MVLP 36 Dave Pike Plays the Jazz Version of Oliver!
MVLP 37 V.A. Lusty Moods Played by America's Greatest Jazzmen
MVLP 38 V.A. The Broadway Scene Played by America's Greatest Jazzmen
MVLP 39 Lucky Thompson Plays Jerome Kern and No More