MusicBottle/Integrating Commercial Services

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General outline

Needs to be expanded quite a bit; see notes below.

  1. Make a post to with details.
  2. Discuss pros and cons, including relevance for current agreements.
    1. discuss implementation possibilities.
  3. Vote or make decision in some other way.


On the process

  • its all about the community and it contributors.

  • when someone enters the process, they should have an idea of what the expected outcome might be.
  • meaning that someone who meets all the criteria outlined by out should reasonable be able to expect to work with us.

  • another thing to consider are limited time agreements.
  • we'll try and work with you for x months.
  • if we dont like it, you get the boot.
  • making that clear can avoid misgivings when someone gets the boot.
  • and we should leave booting someone as a clear option.
  • we should not enter into anything that forces us to:
    1. do something long term
    2. exclusively.
    3. exposes us to liability
    4. provide indemnification for anything.

  • if there's no useful, music-related content provided, there's no way we should have them in here

On who should decide the outcome

  • [ruaok is] happy to lay my experience out for people when bringing a decision to the table.
  • another possibility is to make a committee of people whose members can vote on these decisions, but the committee's communications are open for everyone to see.