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What categories do we need, are they good the way they are? Which ones should be proposed in Wiki Categories?

Listing and discussion of current categories

Categories needing discussion

Full list

  • Category:Development -- For pages about MusicBrainz features and implementation. This one is getting huge. Maybe we should split it.
    • Category:Proposal -- This category is for pages that make proposals which are not only about style (which is covered by) but also new ideas for further developments and other stuff.
  • Category:Discussion-- For discussion threads. Pages will often be in this and some other category.
  • Category:Metadata -- For additional info pages that someday may go into the database.
  • Category:Editing -- For pages describing, proposing, or discussing the editing process & guidelines.
    • Category:Edit Status -- This Category is for pages that explain the various stati an Edit may have during its lifetime.
  • -- For pages with descriptions of other related software, resources, or external links.
    • -- This Category is for pages that deal with the applications which use the MusicBrainz data, but are not maintained by the MusicBrainz developers. See the Products page if you want to learn about the MusicBrainz products.
  • and of course, which includes all of the above, plus any which aren't yet listed here.
    • -- Pages that have a philosophical viewpoint.
    • -- This Category groups all pages that deal with lists of stuff to do.
    • -- This Category groups all pages kept for historical purposes (Discussion, Proposal, ...).

Needs splitting

    • ?
      terminology used in the Server? It might be a subcategory ofthat way:
              • wiki?
    • style?
    • development?


  • There are only 3 pages in this category.should be sufficient. -- murdos 13:58, 30 April 2007 (UTC)
    we should not maintain wiki page for external software but rather link to an external page

Ad-hoc/Pseudo Categories

This is a list of all the pages on the wiki that list other pages on the wiki, but aren't Categories. Template:FullSearch


I've got to wonder if it's possible to produce a flat (or better yet hierarchical) list of categories (as above) automatically. It would certainly be easier to keep up-to-date than a hand-edited list... perhaps a script that watches for edits on Category.*, pulls the description, and updates/adds the list? Please AnswerMe. -- MartinRudat 08:54, 15 June 2006 (UTC)

Since MoinMoin does not support sub-categories, we should determine if we indicates all parent categories when tagging a page with a subcategory. Example: PageA is in, should add it explicitly intoo? I think we should at least for the documentation part of the wiki. Please AnswerMe. -- murdos 11:38, 01 May 2007 (UTC)

Invalid Relationship Family Categories

These are all invalid due to being redundant ('Artist Label Relationship Family' would 100% duplicate 'Label Artist Relationship Family').

Fully cleaned up doc sections

I've completely cleaned up every single page relating to ARs, and (re)categorized them all to the following category treemap:

Category:Documentation				Category:Development
  + Category:Advanced Relationship			  |
      + Category:Relationship Attribute			  |
      + Category:Relationship Class			  |
      + Category:Relationship Family			  |
      + Category:Relationship Type			  +
          + Category:Proposed Relationship Type  --> Category:Proposal
      - Advanced Relationship Style
      - Don't Make Relationship Clusters
      - Same Artist With Different Names

Category:Official Style
    - Advanced Relationship Style
    - Don't Make Relationship Clusters
    - Same Artist With Different Names
    - Has Lyrics At Relationship Type/Whitelist
    - Has Score At Relationship Type/Whitelist
    - Has Cover Art At Relationship Type/Whitelist

Category:{{{Class}}} Relationship Class
    - Every applicable parent Relationship Class
    - Every applicable Relationship Type
    - Every current applicable Relationship Type proposal

Category:{{{Entity1}}} {{{Entity2}}} Relationship Family
    - Every applicable Relationship Type
    - Every current applicable Relationship Type proposal

Category:Relationship Type
    - Every Relationship Type
    - Every current Relationship Type proposal

Category:Proposed Relationship Type
    - Every current Relationship Type proposal

    - Every dead Relationship Type proposal

Category:Relationship Attribute
    - Every Relationship Attribute