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Status: This entity type was considered for NGS inclusion, but was dropped from the final NGS schema, as it was considered to make the relationship between work, recording, and track too complex for the user (who would already be facing a lot of changes with the rest of NGS).

The Mix Object

This page describes the mix object and its role in the ObjectModel.


A mix is the result of modifications to a recording as described in ../RecordingObject. In most cases the source for the mixing process is a number of sound parts that were recorded before. These parts can be combined, repeated, merged, overlayed, edited, stripped or in any other way changed to produce a result that is one single piece of audible music. Its sound is the same as the sound of the related ../MasterObjects and ../TrackObjects although it is not related to any physical medium yet.


Boundaries to the RecordingObject

When a ../RecordingObject that is the raw recorded music data is modified/edited and optionally merged to create a single piece of music it becomes a ../MixObject. The overall sound of the ../MixObject is identical to what should become the related track on a release.

Boundaries to the MasterObject

As long as a ../MixObject is not related to a medium it should be released on (note, this "medium" doesn't have to be something physical, but can also be a file format) it is just a mix.


Relationships to the RecordingObject

  • Attention.png This probably needs to be discussed (mix also for remixes with more than one source?) A mix is often related to only one ../RecordingObject that was used as the audio source to create the mix as a single piece of music.


Relationships to the MasterObject

  • A mix can be the source for one or more masters during the process of preparing the piece of music for a release on any medium. Each medium type requires a different master, so on most cases one mix will be related to more than one ../MasterObjects.


Relationships to the ArtistObject

  • The artists who are responsible for the mixing process that create a ../MixObject are defined by this relationship. The use of this relationship is optional (for cases, where the mixer is unknown or not available). This relationship defines the ../ArtistObjectRole Mixer (or mix artist).