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Status: This page describes an active style guideline proposal and is not official.

Proposal number: RFC-53
Champion: BrianFreud
Current status: In development

Trac ticket # 2146

These Proposed Style Guidelines apply to soundtracks for:

Basic Guidelines

  • A separate style guide already exists for SoundtrackTitleStyle. In summary, the title is the title of the movie, musical, or video game. Additional information is only added if necessary to distinguish between multiple soundtracks.
  • For music written for the soundtrack, Artist should contain the composer, not the performer.
    • Where performer information is available, it should be indicated using Advanced Relationships. Such music is often referred to as the "score" - especially if it is instrumental.
  • For music from other sources used in a soundtrack, Artist should be handled according as it would for any compilation. Thus:
    • For pre-existing classical music used on soundtracks, Artist should contain the composer in accordance with the Classical Style Guide.
    • For pre-existing non-classical music, Artist should contain the performers.
      • Exception: For "tribute" soundtracks where all the music was previously composed by the same songwriter, see, e.g., De-Lovely or Movin' Out, the artist should contain the songwriter and the performers should be credited using Advanced Relationships.
  • All releases to which these guidelines apply should be given the Release Attribute "Soundtrack."