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I put a lot of myself into working on MusicBrainz. I spent over a year writing 4 and a half different releases editors and rewriting all of the javascript from the old site to get it ready for NGS, as well as doing lots of templating work and i18n prep for NGS. I did multiple hundreds of thousands of edits. I cleaned up all of the AR pages, as well as some other wiki-bork. I ran the style list for a bit over a year. I wrote the current RFC process. I am an autoeditor, and have nominated multiple autoeditors. I worked to clean up all of the Mozart data, and established the CSG Standard concept and lists. I still have a lot of music to enter, and some projects I was working on are not yet finished, especially the Edison labels' releases and the Varese Sarabande label's releases.

I was never a MusicBrainz employee. Everything I did, I did as a volunteer because I believed in the goals of MusicBrainz.

That said, I also have stopped doing much with MusicBrainz.

I never asked for anything from MusicBrainz other than that we all be able to contribute, and when disagreements occurred, that they be discussed in a fair and respectful manner. There are a few powerful editors, however, who do not share this idea. One editor in particular has made decisions based not on facts or fairness, but simply has done whatever he wants because he can. To this end, my home IP is currently barred from editing the wiki and my email address is automatically blocked by all of the list servers.

Yet, I still receive emails sent to the support and musicbrainz@musicbrainz email addresses, I am still an autoeditor, and I can still edit.

I would love to continue to contribute to MusicBrainz. However, for now, I have lost faith in this project; I am tired of being attacked in public and private without reason or fairness, especially when the editor making the attacks is unwilling to even attempt mediation.