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This page describes how to use the MusicBrainz Subversion Repository.


The latest bleeding edge version of our software source is always available to everyone interested by our read-only Subversion repository. You can browse the Subversion repository online. Changes to the source trees are commented, releases are labeled, so you can find out what was going on and retrieve older releases if necessary. This system is well suited to administer changes to a project made by a group of various developers, and is thus used by many large Internet projects. For more information on how to use Subversion visit the Subversion home page.

Checking out source code

To check out source code from our repository use this command:

svn co<module>/trunk <module>

Windows users should consider using Tortoise SVN tool and use the URL shown above to check out the source code. See the Projects for a list of available modules.


Confused? Send an email to if you need more help, or drop by the IRC channel at irc:// Additionally, check out the Contact Us page for more ways to get in touch.

Transition to Git

From early 2010 onwards, MusicBrainz is in the process of slowly transitioning from Subversion to Git.

The MusicBrainz Server is currently the only project that has made the transition; the source code for the current "NGS" version has been removed from Subversion and is now available at

There is also a Git mirror on Github at that is ready for you to fork and/or clone.