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This page should be used to discuss the current annotation system and/or documentation, and style issues related to annotations. You may ask questions here, or start informal reflexions. Note that bug tracking and future enhancements ideas (when formalized enough, and when not strictly style related), should preferably go to AnnotationFuture.

"Old" discussions that should be preserved may be stored in AnnotationHistory.


We may want to discuss the types of data that should go into annotations. Eventually we will want to have StyleGuidelines cover this. -- dmppanda 14:24, 28 March 2007 (UTC)

Is there a word missing from this line? "or any other data doesn't fit into the MusicBrainz schema." Is that intended to read "or any other data that doesn't fit into the MusicBrainz schema"? i.e. rather than meaning "these examples of data don't fit into", by adding the word "that" the meaning can become "these examples of data that don't otherwise fit into..." -- Tonybrooke 20 March 2014