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I've got some more here but I felt overwhelming to add them all to the page:
baby		babymetal
bach		johann sebastian
brown		the crazy world of arthur brown
cream		cream
elfman		danny elfman
diablo		diablo swing orchestra
duke		duke ellington
kitt		eartha kitt
feels		feels
maiden		iron maiden
iron		iron maiden (or iron butterfly)
kondo		koji kondo
koji		koji kondo
led		led zeppelin
lumsk		lumsk
land		michael z. land
ros		Ros Sereysothea
jewels		run the jewels
lord		sir lord baltimore or john lord
sopp		steinsopp
thick		thick
wreck		tyrannosaurus wreck
ugly		the ugly facade
heep		uriah heep
moni		mini-moni
 ~猫猫~~何? 15:12, 23 May 2021 (UTC)