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Non-supported use-cases

  • "labels" isn't a valid inc parameter for release-group requests if "releases" is specified. This would be useful if we wanted to quickly compile a basic list of identifying info about all of the releases in a release group. e.g. having a list of "other versions" of a release in Picard that the user can switch to. With the current web service we can make a list of "Date - Country - Barcode - Format," but can't include the label or catalog number (which can be just as important) without making n additional requests for each release in the RG. --Bitmap 15:47, 21 May 2011 (UTC)

UNDOCUMENTED: <QUERY> seems to actually need double quotes surrounding

A query such as:


will not actually recognize the &artist= or &arid= or &arid: parameter unless the query portion is wrapped in double quotes like:"Moi+je+dors+pr%C3%A8s+de+la+Seine"&artist=29c181c9-9069-41ec-a91d-82f50c7cd2a9

Need to have more detailing in the docs about HOW the <QUERY> should be wrapped properly in order for additional parameters after it to be properly recognized. (or else you could classify this as a bug and say that it SHOULD NOT NEED double quotes ? dunno) --thadguidry Jan 31 2012

"arid" is a field of the Lucene query (part of the &query= string), not part of the browse request, so using &arid is wrong. The following would work:
You don't need quotes unless you want to search for the entire phrase. See Indexed Search Syntax. --Bitmap 00:56, 1 February 2012 (UTC)