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Version is very ambiguous. I would like the link-phrases to really reflect this is about re-recordings. Also we could include two nice attributes then... What do you think about

track has later {acoustic} {live} recording(s) track
track is a later {acoustic} {live} recording of track

? --Shepard

  • I think that's an excellent idea. --MichelleW
    • I agree that "version" is too vague, and easily confused with the "release" and "remaster" relationships. If the wording of this relationship could be changed to "is the/an earliest/later RECORDING", it would be a quick step in the right direction. --ArtySmokes
    • Excellent idea, agree too. --Fabe56

What about parodies or references? This might include using parts of the lyrics. For example, songs on Play borrows the refrain from both current-day Taiwan band Mayday and the old song "London Bridge is Falling Down". Neither is a cover, but it's obvious that some relationship exists. Perhaps "parodies" is too specific to be useful, so a relationship like "references" might be more useful. --foolip

Regarding the "earliest version of" AR, it says above: For example, if a demo version of a song is recorded, then a properly produced version which goes out on an album, and then the demo version gets released on a "best of" compilation, then the album version "is the earliest version of" the compilation version. My question is how to properly link that first demo version with the official album version that comes out later. Would you say "Track A (demo) is the earliest version of Track A (album version)" but still have all following compilation/live/other versions of the track linked back to the album version? -- Jugdish 19:42, 29 July 2007 (UTC)

Earliest final version?

If a track is released as a non-album track and then re-recorded and released on an album, the non-album version would count as the earliest final version, however if this version was later contained on another release then it would no longer be in non-album tracks and the relationship would appear to be pointing the wrong way, also the wording of the "earliest final version" doesn't feel very clear on this matter. - 17:29, 29 August 2010 (UTC)