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There are some unusual classes of parents. In some cases these could result in someone having more than two parents, which might look weird unless we can distinguish them on the website somehow, using an attribute or something:

  • An attribute to indicate a stepchild would fall into this category as well (Max Cavalera vs. Richie Cavalera) -- Prodoc 15:23, 05 February 2007 (UTC) Adopted parent Biological parent Surrogate mother

The phrasing "is the parent of" is weird, and should probably be "is a parent of". As of right now people pretty much always have more than one...

Regarding bands

Another way could be to use PerformanceName but Same Artist With Different Names says "Note that neither PerformanceNames nor LegalNames apply to groups" at the very start. -- ClutchEr2

We're certainly free to change that aspect of Same Artist With Different Names if it needs changing. PerformanceNameRelationshipType does seem like the most appropriate way to do this to me; at least when there's no lineup change at the same time. --MatthewExon

Parentage of Bands

It is currently an OpenStyleIssue as to whether this relationship should apply to bands. Discuss here or see the discussion on LinkingDifferentArtistNames.

Examples include:

Smile is a band that broke up and later reformed (more or less) as Queen. So far, the consensus appears to be heading towards not counting this as a parent/child relationship. -- MatthewExon

Another example is here and for now it's proposed to be solved as an alias: Marillion did one of their first gig ever as "Skyline Drifters". In this case we probably will not have any album with that name.

Again here three of five Marillion member did a spin-off tour as "Los Trios Marillos " without disbanding original band: probably it's cleaner to menage this with AR between members.