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The point #7 it's little special. This kind of word goes usually lower-case. These words go with capital letter if there is a context and we know what specific person are refered (Like a temporal nickname during the conversation). If this kind of words are followed by the proper noun that are refering must be lower-case (then it affects to number #4, I think...). (Bibliography: 'Ortografía de la Lengua Española' by RAE, section 3.5.a) --chixpy

I think that put here the special characters used in spanish can be usefull for that people that can't write them (at least not a easy way...) and can Copy & Paste them: --chixpy

  • lower-case letters: áéíóú ü ñ
  • Capital letters: ÁÉÍÓÚ Ü Ñ
  • Other Symbols: ¡[1] ¿ º ª
  1. This symbol is the upside-down '!', please do not confuse with the letter 'i'