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There should be a discussion at some point as to a standard for dialog from a movie that involves only one person. For example, should the first track on The Cable Guy soundtrack, "I'll Juice You Up," be filed under Jim Carrey or [dialogue]? Also, there are times when it is listed as the character from the film rather than the artist. So, should the bits of dialogue from the Good Morning, Vietnam soundtrack be attributed to Robin Williams, [dialogue], or Adrian Cronauer?

  • Of course the "Good Morning, Vietnam" example is complicated by the fact that it's Robin Williams impersonating (the real person) Adrian Cronauer. I guess the ideal solution would be a per-track ReleaseAttribute-like flag to state "dialogue", and each character to be treated as a ArtistAlias or PerformanceName for the actor. In the short term, I'd say listing the track under the character name with an AdvancedRelationships link to the actor would be a reasonable solution. Incidentally, this discussion is of known artists, so it's on the wrong page! --ZeroGravitas I think the best way to do this is for the main artist to be the name of the movie. The character names would have "member of" ARs to the movie and the actor names would have "performs as" ARs to the character names. --dseomn
    • I think we need more entities apart from artists like labels or series.. but movies? All in all this db is about music. I have a problem with taking role names as separate artists and linking the actors to them. Let's say ActorA played RoleR in FilmF. Then we have a score release which contains dialogues from the film. We may have the AR "performed speech" in the future so you could create a fictional artist RoleR and connect it to such a dialogue track with this AR. Then you create an artist for ActorA and link it to RoleR with the AR "performs as" or a new AR "plays role" (backwards: "is role name of"). This all looks fine first. But! When movies are translated voice actors speak the role in a film. So you perhaps also need to link them to RoleR. Or in a remake another person could play the role. So it's not definite who of those artists spoke RoleR in the dialogue track. I proposed an AR attribute {role} on PerformanceRestructuringProposal - it is unlikely this will be implemented in the future as the AR model has to be changed for this but this would solve the problem I think. --Shepard
      • I wasn't thinking of having every actor in the movie, only the ones in the soundtrack. Since each soundtrack would only have one set of actors, there wouldn't be too much of a problem IMO. If there were soundtracks in multiple languages, each character name could be split by actor name (e.g. artist=Foo resolution=original and artist=Foo resolution=Spanish dub). --dseomn

Some considerations (from bawjaws):

  • people looking to listen to music may want to identify and skip all dialogue sections (though probably only the ones that are only dialogue, not the one's that fade into/out of music tracks)
  • some soundtracks specifically state an 'artist' for each dialogue piece, some people *really* want to follow the back of the CD whenever possible
  • names of people in films could clash with musician's names, which would make the current name collision situation even worse, particularly as AR looks set to add thousands of backing musicians, lyricists etc. to the database. There is some work being done to differentiate identically named people though, maybe that work should take fictional characters into account e.g. the band members of the Archies, Gorillaz or other fictional bands as well as film characters. (re: ZG's point above: you may even need to differentiate between fictional portrayals of real people, and the real people themselves, and when people play themselves in a fictional role my head begins to melt)
  • talking of AR, using advanced relationships you'd be able to credit the main artist as the character name(s), [dialogue], or whatever but also separately list every actor that provides voice talent for the segment.
  • another AR thought, lots of songs use clips from movie dialogues, linking them to films (via InternetMovieDatabase URLs) could be generalised to dialogues. That way you could see every track that samples a film, but also locate standard [dialogue] tracks by looking only at dialogue clips that appear on 'soundtracks' that are related to the same film.

This style should probably be combined into a sort of SpecialPurposeArtistStyle. --Zout