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This is the proposal template. Changes here will impact all proposals using this template (see "What links here" in the sidebar).


Copy a blank version to use. All fields must be lower case.



  • proposal: what RFC/RFV number this is assigned
  • champion: you! preferably do it as a link, like [[User:whoever]]
  • status: proposal status
  • discussion: a url for initial discussion on the topic
  • rfc/rfv: urls for rfc and rfv emails, in the mailing list archives
  • style/ar: set whichever of these is applicable (if applicable) to 1; style=1 if this is a style proposal, ar=1 if this is an AR proposal. Remove any that don't get used.
  • jira: the jira ticket number, e.g. MBS-90000
  • trac (old): the track ticket number


The actual page using this template will look something like:

Status: This page describes an active proposal and is not official.

Proposal number: RFC-Unassigned
Champion: None
Current status: Unknown