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Improving Subscription Mails Proposal

From thread here:

Ideas for Improving Subscription Mails

  1. Add a link on "X open" to the artist's open edits (excluding your own).
  2. Add a link on "Y applied" to the artist's applied during that specific week (excluding your own).
  3. Remove the URL below the artist's name which goes to ALL their edits and either:
    • Add a link on the artist's name to ALL their edits (the current URL), or
    • Possibly add a link just to the artist's page on their name.
    • Forget it.

TurningYourIdeasIntoReality Info

  1. Describe the overall purpose of the idea.
  • The purpose is to make the subscription mails more useful by providing more specific information and tidying up the layout.
  1. Describe common use cases -- how will a user interact with these features?
  • Currently users only have one link to click and this takes them to all edits for a particular artist. To make the emails for useful, we want to have links to the artist's open edits (excluding the editor's own) and links to the artist's accepted edits during the weekly period excluding the editor's own. This will provide users with quick links to open edits which need voting and a means to review edits which were made by others during a specific time period.
  1. Describe the user interface elements in detail -- what new links, buttons, tables, pages are needed to accomplish this. How does the user interact with the improved website? How does it differ from today?
  • Nothing new, just adding links to existing text and removing the URL under each artist.
  1. Describe what effect this feature has on the underlying database. How, what, why and when will the underlying database be affected?
  • The database will not be affected.


From what I can tell, you want the URLs removed from the e-mail text ("Add a link on ..."), right? How about those who still handle messages in text/plain? -- FrederikSOlesen 14:18, 21 August 2007 (UTC)

  • I would tell them to a) use Gmail or b) get a good mail reader... *sigh* -AaronCooper (2007-09-07)