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Well yeah. I might as well have a personal page on this here wiki thingie. Maybe I'll fill it with something useful later...

Personal 2do-list

  • Fix members
    • Natural Bond
    • Basementality
    • Coast Records
    • Doktor Kosmos
    • Fix up Marilyn Manson. Seems like a big project.
    • Goldmine
    • D12
    • N.W.A
    • Black Ingvars
    • En Vouge
  • Separate
    • Format
    • CK
    • Gemini
    • No Name
    • Hamish
    • Pandora (Annelie Magnusson)
    • Pierre (performed on Rimslakt)
    • DMC
    • Milk
    • Clubland
    • Di Leva / Thomas Di Leva
  • Stuff...
  • Get borrowed stuff added before I return them
    • Carina
      • Big Fish
      • Hedningarna
    • Micke
      • Rent Korea
      • Tyskarna
      • Varanteatern
      • South Park
      • Lars Vegas
    • All of my piles are gone due to moving! Work to be continued.
  • Books
    • ARify everything in Daniel Möller's biography book "Ord till Moder Svea" on swedish rappers.
    • ARify everything in "Mikrofonkåt" by Fredrik Strage. (Huge project.)
    • The Latin Kings-book?

NOTE: Äktabra says that Inte mer än rätt is from 2001. Disc says 2002? Check this. Jämna plågor: Jämnaplågor, -skits, influensa

Stuff: Charlie Norman died 050812, 84 years old. Add info when he finds his way into the db. Lisa Ekdahl/Peter Nordahl Trio? Molly Sandén born in 1992.

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