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Christoph Koenig a.k.a. DonRedman


My real name is Christoph Koenig. I have become MusicBrainz' resident expert and advisor on social issues (commecial Projects call this their "Community Manager" -- although communities rarely like being mangaged). However since mid 2007 I have ceased to actively participate in the community activities, because I have been writing my Ph.D. thesis. My research deals with the consequences of Free and Open Source Software/Content for educational philosophy. I have been doing this at the interdisciplinary post-graduate school on Feedback Based Quality Management in eLearning at the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany.


This is usually hopelessly out of date. But these are the bigger projects I have been involved here:

  • Moderation of the MusicBrainzSummit8 in London, where I introduced the highly innovative Paper-Card(TM) System ;-) to help create the initial datamodel for Next Generation Schema (June 2007).
  • I suspect that I still am the Secretary of the StyleCouncil. My intention was not to lead the Council, but to make it work on its own. I suppose that I have succeeded. However it is working so much on its own (nowadays even without me reading the lists) that I cannot say whether it is working and if so how. :-) (Jan 2006 -- ...)
  • Moderation of the MusicBrainzSummit7 in Hamburg. I just happened to be there and did what pedagoges do when many people want to work together (Dec 2005).
  • Design of the WikiDocs system (May 2005 -- ...).

How I came to MusicBrainz

I stumbled over open source and into MusicBrainz when I was somewhere in between educational philosophy (Bildung), theories of autonomous learning and postmodern sociology, and realized that open source hackers were doing what these scientists were writing about. I have since done a qualitative research on the Torvalds-Tanenbaum-Debate and written my masters thesis about "Processes of Learning and Bildung in Open Source Software Projects", and I am studying ethical implications of the dynamics of Open Source Projects in my current research.

So, this is a non-hackers version of how somebody gets addicted to MusicBrainz. I cannot code but am somewhat of a professional of communication, and I found MB pretty exciting in this regard.

I am a great fan of soft security and I argue against most formal structures when I believe that things could work without them. While often people tend to argue for formal structures when they believe that things might break without them. In this respect I got and get involved in lengthy discussions on the MailingLists and on the MusicBrainzWiki.

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