User:Freso/Thoughts on Recordings

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Recordings as they currently stand, aren't very well defined as it stands.

What I'd like is...

  1. to be able to always tell one track from another, even if they're the same audio.
  2. to be able to "uniquely" link audio based identifiers (e.g. AcoustIDs - but could be anything else as well, that might not currently exist) to a track on a Release (ie., even though two tracks may be the same "recording", they may not have the same audio identifier for various reasons).
  3. to be able to group recording/performance credits from the recording session/recorded performance, similar to the way we relate composition credits to Works.
  4. being able to denote that a track/recording was released on its own, even after it's appeared on a Release.
  5. being able to attach images/"cover art" to tracks - some "stand alone recordings" have embedded art or otherwise has "cover art" attached to it, without them being a single
  6. to not have to keep track of "time"/length manually. Either pull time lengths from AcoustIDs, DiscIDs, track lists or some other way.