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I'm Fuchs from Germany. My favorite artist is Depeche Mode, but my overall musical taste is much wider spread and reaches from German alternative rock bands like Sportfreunde Stiller and Tocotronic, over electronic music (And One, De/Vision), some dark wave stuff like Lacrimosa and Deine Lakaien, as well as BritPop like Blur or Stereophonics to metal (like) projects from The Rasmus up to Bathory, crossover (Rage Against the Machine or Linkin Park), German and English punk rock (Dritte Wahl, WIZO, Sum 41, blink-182), not to forget some mainstream artists like Eminem, Madonna, Robbie Williams, Green Day, etc... Well the more I think about it the more I get to the point that it might have been easier to mention music I don't like only. ;)

What are your prefered scopes on Music Brainz?


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