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I'm Andrew John Hughes, currently a software engineer at Red Hat working in the OpenJDK team on the IcedTea project. I have also completed my PhD at the University of Sheffield, UK, having been successfully examined by Prof. Graham Birtwistle and Prof. Robert Pooley. I'm a Free Software advocate with a keen interest in a wide range of music. My central focus in the Free Software world has been Free Java, first with the GNU Classpath project, along with associated upstreams, such as GCJ, the Mauve test suite, Kaffe, wp|JamVM, CACAO and Jikes RVM, and now with OpenJDK and IcedTea. Through this work, I obtained a position at Red Hat in October 2008 and am now working full time as an IcedTea/OpenJDK Core Developer. Musicwise, I contribute to a number of websites, the main one being MusicBrainz but also LyricWiki and various Wikipedia album pages.