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A dude named Ian McEwen. He also worked on Summer of Code with MusicBrainz and hangs out in IRC near-constantly. You should say hi! Or something.

See -- his homepage.


Finished projects Out of date
User:Ianmcorvidae/Translation_Process notes about our translation process (in progress)
User:Ianmcorvidae/Rika TODO notes and todos for my duties managing the MusicBrainz Sandbox server
User:Ianmcorvidae/RDF draft page discussing what I mean when I rant about how everything would be way easier if we used RDF
User:Ianmcorvidae/Interwiki Test Page tinkering re: automated testing of wiki, somewhat out of date
User:Ianmcorvidae/Server Translation TODO out of date
User:Ianmcorvidae/How_To_Write_Edit_Notes essentially merged with How To Write Edit Notes so far as I can tell
User:Ianmcorvidae/Developer Resources merged with Developer Resources