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Concert DVD ripping (auto‐split audio rip)

See work-in-progress Linux method.

Here is a simple method to easily rip your concert DVD (DVD‐Video) into chapter split playable audio files. For this you will need only one tool : DVD DECRYPTER.

You won’t need any manual cut, each song will be its own audio file, automatically.

You will change the IFO Mode and Stream Processing settings of DVD Decrypter so that each time you want to rip a new DVD, you only need to choose your target folder and press the rip button.


(only once) in “Tools” menu > “Settings…

“IFO Mode” tab

  • Check “Enable Stream Processing← allows for some presets in the following “Stream Processing” tab
  • Select “File Splitting”: “By Chapter mandatory as the most important setting worldwide. Without it, there is no song split and you get one big file for the whole concert

“Stream Processing” tab

  • Check “Convert PCM to WAV← for something readable by any audio player
  • Direct Stream Copy”: EMPTY ← you don’t need to rip that (super‐big) video stream, remove the default *
  • Demux”: 0XA? ← auto selects LPCM audio streams (hopefully usually only one) for demultiplexing (extraction).
  • Raw”: EMPTY ← no one can play raw things

※ “0XA?” means 0XA followed by any number; means that you want to extract all LPCM audio streams if any. LPCM is lossless 48 KHz stereo audio (best worldwide).

Otherwise, “0X8?” would mean that you want to extract AC3 streams and “0XA? 0X8?” would be for automatic fallback but when a concert DVD has both LPCM and AC3 you would get a duplicate audio rip.

As all non‐LPCM streams are lossy compressed audio, I advise to only set “0XA?” in the settings and leave all the edge cases for manual select (see step 4 below) when you rip special DVD. LPCM is the best worldwide you can get from a DVD and I have very rarely seen concert DVD with no LPCM track (only some Vietnamese DVD had MP2 sound).


  1. Insert your DVD in your laser optical drive equipped computer machine
  2. Switch to “IFO Mode” (by pressing the I key on your keyboard)
  3. Check, in the “Input” tab, that the concert (usually the biggest title) is selected ← easy thanks to “IFO Mode” tab’s “Select Main Movie PGC” default setting
  4. Check the “Stream Processing” tab and make sure the audio stream you want to extract is selected and in “Demux” mode. Check that no video stream is selected ← easy thanks to “Stream Processing” tab settings above
  5. Choose a destination folder on your computer machine file system electro‐magnetic storage
  6. Press the Rip button (a big DVD → HDD image button)


It’s up to you but know that foobar2000 can tag (and obviously play) WAV files, out of the box. It has a component for playing AC3 files (foo_ac3).


If DVD Decrypter issues the following error on each close :

Failed to set data for 'DVDDecrypterPlayDVDMovieOnArrival'.

Please uncheck both “Shell Extensions” options in “Tools” menu > “Settings…” item > “Registry” tab. You don’t need them.