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jinxie, AKA jinx AKA jinxkitten.

MB user and contributer. Non techie, and poor, so my contributions consist of helping where i can in the wiki... answering those few questions i DO know the answer to, when i see them... adding distractive chit-chat and impish mischief to the IRC channel... and generally leaving a swath of distruction in my wake.

Oh, and foiling wiki hijackers... LOL

Currently working on:

  • SiteMenuArrangement (probably defunct due to...
  • SiteStructure
  • Fixing up soundtrack data
  • Trying to convince the MB world to use / to seperate artists when paired or trioed with another artist, rather than the current mishmash used, e.g.;
    • Santana + Jeff Beck + Steve Lukather
    • Anthony Acid, Richie Santana & DJ Skribble
    • Anthony Acid Richie Santana and DJ Skribble