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I'm warp on #musicbrainz (see also IRCRegulars), kuno is my account on musicbrainz. You can email me at, and I have a very low-traffic blog at

random (needs cleanup)

User:kuno/recordings User:kuno/webservice post-gsoc meeting

Browser report + cors/xhr2 support User:kuno/Web Service/JSON User:kuno/CAA Release Plan User:kuno/Templates User:kuno/Track grouping User:kuno/MBS-211 User:kuno/Cover Art Types

open edits: abstained, korean, japanese, dutch & frisian

NGS /ws/js docs: User:kuno/ws/js

Release Editor tracklist tab webservice: User:kuno/ws/js/tracklist

Test: User:kuno/Test

Updating development pages: User:kuno/Development Overview

current proposals: kuno/CurrentStyleProposals, kuno/CurrentProposals.

Some notes I'm collecting on embedded cover art: kuno/CoverArtLegalIssues.

Voting motivation ideas: kuno/VotingMotivations.

Multi-disc AR: PartOfSetRelationshipType.

Release Groups: User:kuno/ReleaseGroups